need a loan on my property to consolidate bills

Home is paid for have bad credit
By chipjack2004941 from CA Feb 27th 2014
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by JoeMetzler

OK, well your best bet is to contact a local mortgage broker in your area, give them a full application, and see what they can offer you. In MN or WI, visit

Feb 27th 2014

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by QueenBe...

Hello chipjack2004941, I am a mortgage broker in California. I can assist you with this process. There are several factors to consider... credit being one of them. Please give me a call 310.877.3800 or send me an email I want more information from you so I can get you going in the right direction!!! Jennifer Jaye | Queen Bee Brokers

Feb 27th 2014
by Saralov...

I few bumps in your credit is ok in certain situations. Open Mortgage has programs available with relatively low rates for borrower(s) who mid FICO score is 600. Please contact me directly at 816-268-5931 if you would like more informaiton.

Feb 27th 2014

Id be happy to help. We have FHA and VA down to a 500 score. FHA Cash out allows 85% loan to value. VA allows 100% for debt consolidation.

Mar 14th 2014