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my wife is a Nurse she makes $1000 per week, i am not working full time but am looking for work, we are lease purchasing a house valued at $116000 and we owe $105000. we have Bad credit but would like to buy the house with a conventional mortgage coz right now we are paying $950 per month, any ideas
By charlesdennischapman914 from NC Jun 9th 2014
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Start by going through a prequalification with a mortgage lender. If your credit is good enough, he should be able to tell you what the estimated payment and closings costs are. If it is acceptable, he should be able to tell you what you need to do to improve it.

Jun 9th 2014
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Hi - so when you say bad credit, what's your definition of bad credit? you can email me personally

Jun 9th 2014

When you say bad credit, what credit scores is that? We do loans down to 580 middle scores. We'd love to help if we can. Call and let's discuss it. We are based in NC.

Jun 9th 2014