i've saved a few years to buy a home but my credit is around 600 due to old credit debt. Are subprime loans still available?

how much higher are rates, i figure if rates will go higher anyways in the next year i might as well go for it with bad credit instead of waiting to improve. Suggestions?
By mtnmike.ambrose177109 from CO Nov 19th 2013
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by Bneuwirth

Mike, With your current score around 600 we can actually get you into a federally insured loan (FHA Loan). These loans typically require 3.5% down and have interest rates comparable with prime rate. If you would like some additional information please give us a call @ 719-749-7021 or email me brian.neuwirth@tlclender.com. Do not let someone tell you that you have to go subprime lets look and see what we can do to help you. Thank you and good luck

Nov 19th 2013

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by gdahlg_...

No there not but some lenders will go approve a 600 credit score on a FHA loan

Nov 19th 2013
by Corey_S...

Hi Mike,We have a 3.5% down program that will allow a 580 credit score with very low 30 year fixed rates. This is one of our standard programs and a much better program than any subprime programs you may find... if you find anyone offering them at all. I would be happy to do a full credit analysis for you and let you know what we can do. Feel free to call me at 970-672-0496 Thanks, Corey

Nov 19th 2013
by DaveMet...

FHA 3.5% down is your best bet.

Nov 19th 2013
by kay@kcm...

Hello Mike,I am a local licensed mortgage broker here in Colorado and would be happy to discuss your options. 720-670-0124 Kay. We do offer FHA loans and can go down to 580 credit scores, which require a 3.5% down payment and can come from a gift from a family member. If you are a veteran you might be able to do a VA loan with 0 money down. If you are looking for a rural property you might think about the USDA/Rural Housing product with 0 money down.

Nov 26th 2013