Is it a good time to list our house in Mission Viejo or should we wait until after beginning of the yeat

By Behzad.Sorbi173 from CA Nov 6th 2013
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by steve@c...

I think everyone will agree that current inventory is low in the Mission Viejo / Lake Forest area and any property that is priced right will have offers today. But, there are always more buyers after the first of the year. Because we do not see a big increase in inventory in January, having more buyers will bring you a higher price. If it was my house, I would wait until the first of the year. In the mean time I would get advice on any To-Due items to get your home ready to sell.

Nov 6th 2013

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by DaveMet...

Wait until spring.

Nov 6th 2013
by AmFirst...

There is a downside to waiting as well. Since property values continue to move upwards, if you are looking to stay in the same market (Mission Viejo / South Orange County) you will probably be paying more for the house you want to buy and will have more competition. The current marketing time for your area is about 4-6 weeks depending upon what your price point is for your home. The lower the price the faster they sell, the higher the price the longer it takes to sell. If you have already identified a property that you want, I would consider moving on it right away and get your place listed. I'm sure there are other factors you are considering in this decision as well that you didn't list here. If you need to arrange a pre-approval for your financing for the purchase of your next property I would glad to help. I live in Mission Viejo myself. John Beman 888-779-6500 x 7315

Nov 6th 2013