can we get a mortgage loan

how hard would it be to get loan for 75,000 home if i make 40,000 a year own home but owe 40,000 have morgage payment 400 have renters who pay 700. owe 15,000 in debts, no car payment boyfriend has home which is paid for he will go in with me his home will get approx 40,000 at this time do you think we could get a loan
By dmhicks1960531 from FL Jan 26th 2014
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by kwhite

Would need to pull credit and see where both potential borrowers credit score is.Call me at 888-623-3315 and we can go over the optionsThanksKevin D. White

Jan 26th 2014

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by Linda123

need to look at everything email me privately at linda i have a source to pull your credit with just a soft hit

Jan 26th 2014