Are there lenders that will let people with BAD credit borrow??? Score is around 615

By sheabug83831 from IL Mar 13th 2014
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by rll411

Hi! Absolutely. I can go do down to 550. A 615 is very workable. Please feel free to contact me at 773-817-2180. Richard Lurie, Senior Mortgage Consultant

Mar 13th 2014

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by rll411

Absolutely! I have lenders that will go down to 550. They look at other variables besides just credit. Please feel free to call me at 773-817-2180.Richard Lurie, Senior Mortgage Consultant

Mar 13th 2014
by bradybales

615 is a score that can be done on a FHA mortgage. Please feel free to call me at 904-332-7808. Brady Bales, Branch President with First Option Mortgage

Mar 13th 2014
by Barclay

Yes you can get an FHA loan with 3.5% down. Min. credit score needed is 580. Our rates with a 617 credit score would be in the mid 4's. Call or email me with any questions. 224-420-9990. Barclay Butler Barclay Butler Financial Inc.

Mar 13th 2014
by PhilDu

It's possible, but it depends on the other strengths of your application. Expect that you probably will not get the best rate available with that low a score.

Mar 13th 2014
by Embassy...

Yes lenders can go as low as 580 and still give favorable rates and terms.

Mar 14th 2014

FHA and VA allow down to a 500 credit score. There are lenders who will do this. I would be happy to help. There are caveats though. Generally below 580 - 620, depending on lender will require debt to income ratios no higher than 31/43.

Mar 14th 2014
by JamesBa...

Score alone is not a qualifier, nor a disqualifier. Ultimately, it will be the credit history that has driven your score down to 615 that will have a bigger role in determining your ability to credit qualify. Good luck!

Mar 14th 2014
by rhanson

I can lend on scores down to 600 or 580 depending on the location. Whether I can lend to you would depend on the reasons for your relatively lower score. I have access to software which enable me to run unlimited scenarios for things we could do as well as how it would affect your score. In addition, I can use this software to project out in time so we can see what the effect will be in one month, or two, or more. Often I can get peoples score up significantly while we process their applications which results in a better rate at the settlement. I'm happy to help with the financing or just give you advice. If you need more information, or a competing rate quote call, email or use my live support button to discuss or get in touch with me. Web Address for live chat or quote is: Email is and direct phone is 240-752-7549. Good Luck -- Rob Hanson

Mar 14th 2014
by Nathan

We go down to 580 credit score anywhere in the State of IllinoisNathan W Durst, PresidentHome Mortgage Specialists, Inc.6808 N Knoxville Avenue Suite CPeoria, IL 61614309-222-8286 - ext 102 office309-222-8302 - direct309-635-0034 - mobile309-222-8287 -faxndurst@hmsmtg.comApply online at www.homemortgagespecialists.comIllinois Residential Mortgage LicenseeMB.6760824 / NMLS # 695728 - MLO License # 031.00330819 / NMLS # 480568

Mar 19th 2014