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by lorenbr...

are the rates on a 7/1 ARM better than 5/1s right now?

Newport News, VA - May 16th 2014
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by jenswil...

could i get construction financing with 95% LTV anywhere?

my credit is 733

Eau Claire, WI - May 15th 2014
8 answers

by breaker...

Is there any way to extend a FRM beyond 30 years?

Would my rate be very high in this case

Choctaw, OK - May 14th 2014
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by desdemo...

My neighbors are encroaching - Who do I speak with?

They're building a wall that is clearly cutting into my yard and I'm trying to see my home but am worried about an inaccurate appraisal. This wall is cutting off about 20-50sqft of my property.

Aliso Viejo, CA - May 13th 2014
1 answers

by conniem...

is it possible to do a conventional loan for a condo at 95% LTV?

i'm hearing it's usually only 90% max but that some lenders can make exception. please let me know if this is true or not. thank you.

Middletown, CT - May 12th 2014
8 answers

by pewterl...

construction loan question

is there a minimum down payment required for construction to permanent for a primary residence?

Clarkston, WA - May 8th 2014
1 answers

by gracie_...

What are down payment requirements for an fha 203k

Are they as lenient as a "standard" fha loan? Credit information would be helpful as well.

Longview, WA - May 7th 2014
1 answers

by jjpauls...

Want to buy a house to rent until we rebuild - loan options?

My wife and I can afford a second mortgage, but not construction right now. We want to buy now while rates are nice and low, rent out the property then in about a year or two, smash and rebuild. Is this a second mortgage or will it be investment? We've already worked with an...

Hebron, ND - May 6th 2014
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by smdtp10

Zillow values my house at 1,000,000 but others value it cheaper. What's...

Zillow values our home at 1,000,000 but another at 765, 000. How much should I sell my house for

CA - May 5th 2014
4 answers

by jeromel...

are fha loans transferrable?

the home i plan to buy is going to be for my son, but i want to put it in his name. he just can't qualify right off the bat. if the transfer isn't possible is there another program or option for going about this?

Erbacon, WV - May 5th 2014
2 answers

by neelofe...

MTG required for a townhouse on a lot?

I have a lot 9753 norway st nw ccon rapids mn just a lot your system shows its value as 172000 can you pls confirm. If correct how much can I get against this lot to build a townhouse on it?

CA - May 4th 2014
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by pittman...

what are closing cost

FL - May 3rd 2014
2 answers

by shirlth...

Can I sel a home with a $9,200.00 mortgage on it?

The pricing value is 32,000. I want to sell it 'as is'.

Philadelphia, PA - May 3rd 2014
3 answers

by jrsred1774

by Rklasse...

How to get comps on 4534 mallow st. Houston,tx

CA - May 2nd 2014
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by a.detwe...

by lbourge...

Where can I get a home equity line of credit?

Huntington Beach, CA - May 1st 2014
5 answers

by raquelo...

determining if i have equity in my house

How can i figure out if I have equity in my property for a loan

Mahto, SD - May 1st 2014
4 answers

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