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by murrayq...

Can I count grant funds toward a new down payment for an FHA mortgage?

I'm receiving a gov grant related to my work and relocation. If I source these funds with the gift letter can I add it toward my down payment?

Casselberry, FL - Jun 4th 2014
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by lousnlt...

i am having problems finding this property

324 W. Highway 153, beaver, Utah, 84713can you please help me. trying to find the value so I can make an offer. thank you.

Las Vegas, NV - Jun 4th 2014
2 answers

by valissa...

If a property has been recently timbered, does that lower the value of t...

Thinking of buying a farm with 53 acres, but have discovered the owner timbered the property within the past year. Am I correct in thinking that has lowered the value of the property and the appraisal won't be as good as I expected. All the building on it are old, the...

CA - Jun 3rd 2014
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by ernesto...

fha inspection requirements

are fha inspection requirements different depending on property type? i was planning on buying a single family res but now i'm looking into condos

Arizona City, AZ - Jun 3rd 2014
3 answers

by carlott...

loan programs for relocation

i am going to be moving to boulder officially in the next 5 months because of a job transfer. are there any loan programs that offer job relocation assistance or some form of it? my fico is 729 and i will have enough for about 5% down. solid job history and the transfer is...

Boulder, CO - Jun 2nd 2014
2 answers

by dregsof...

how long does an appraisal last?

do home appraisals have some kind of expiration date? for example an appraisal from 2 months ago will still be usable but not one from last year?

Bethesda, MD - May 30th 2014
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by brazili...


Brandon, FL - May 30th 2014
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by weekest...

how much would i need to put down

i want to do a conventional loan with no insurance. i have a fico score 738, little debt and am selling my house so i'll have extra funds available. how much will i need to put down to get rid of the mortgage insurance. thank you

Salt Lake City, UT - May 28th 2014
4 answers

by sayjaso...

Are manufactured properties eligible for usda loans?

given they are in a usda approved location i mean

Tucson, AZ - May 27th 2014
1 answers

by Ta2nati...

Should I refinance

I have had my home for sale for three years. My interest rate is 4.5% my house payment keeps going up because of insurance and taxes. I still want to sell, but the market is terrible. Foreclosures in my area has prevented me from selling. What should I do?

Mansfield, OH - May 25th 2014
5 answers

by dresden...

can i switch lenders after i locked my rate with one?

idk about this guy. is locking my rate the same as sealing the deal with a certain mortgage company?

Long Island City, NY - May 22nd 2014
2 answers

by danswee...

how can i get the seller to pay my closing costs?

is this something i do through the lender or my realtor? or do i approach them.

Glenoma, WA - May 21st 2014
4 answers

by loradel...

by andielo...

would a 5/1 ARM rate be significantly lower than a FRM?

What would be the difference considering a credit score of 710 and 3.5% down?

Mustang, OK - May 20th 2014
1 answers

by sanders...

If the house you are renting is about to go into foreclosure can you try...

Our landlord informed house just a few days ago that the house was goin into foreclosure!! Well we just moved in with a years lease and are in a state of panic about being homeless with kids!!!

Green Bay, WI - May 20th 2014
6 answers

by jbreetc...

Are any manufactured homes eligible for FHA financing?

Do they have separate inspection requirements>?

Rochester, NY - May 19th 2014
1 answers

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