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by samkern...

LTV required on a $250K duplex investment property?

I'm wondering what the max loan to value on a duplex for investment would be. No owner occupancy and the values I'm seeing in the area have been around $200k - 300k. Which loan program could offer me the highest LTV?

Middlesboro, KY - Jun 23rd 2014
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by wesallr...

by frankli...

best option for mortgage and bad credit wife?

Recently got married. Her credit is terrible. 540 fico score. Income is good though she's a lawyer and does well. My income is sufficient to qualify on my own (not my first time buying) but now we are buying a house together and she still wants to be on the mortgage if she can......

Natick, MA - Jun 19th 2014
5 answers

by oliopow...

i cosigned and they defaulted - hurt my chances of a new mortgage?

made the mistake of cosigning on a loan for my son in law, who completely dropped the ball on repayments for 2 months straight. will this reflect on my ability to qualify for a mortgage or is there something i can do to take my name off ASAP?

Layton, UT - Jun 18th 2014
6 answers

by sal.lon...

Do I receive my partner's VA benefits if we are in a common law marriage?

Do common law marriages bear any weight where VA benefits are concerned?

Salem, OR - Jun 17th 2014
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by robin934

How to qualify for a USDA home loan with zero down?

I heard about a zero down USDA program. Is that for a specific income level?

CA - Jun 16th 2014
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by laynide...

Will fha accept credit score below 600 right now?

I have a 582 and 4% to put down. Will not be getting much out of my home sale because of debts I need to pay off, but that will also significantly reduce my DTI. If you know of other better programs I'd like to hear about those as well

Cunningham, TX - Jun 16th 2014
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by jakeria...

putting money down on a va loan

i know the 100 percent option is available but unliek many ive saved up a lot. id rather put money down when i move off base and have a lower house payment. will my va interest rate also go down if i put cash down on the mortgage? thanks a lot

Andrews Air Force Base, MD - Jun 13th 2014
4 answers

by yellowg...

Home buyer programs for moving cross country

Hi I am finishing up a 3 year contract assignment in New York and am moving back to the west coast. I want to buy again ASAP. Are there any loan programs available that assist with relocation costs? My employment is not changing, just my location. Please give any and all...

Rochester, NY - Jun 12th 2014
3 answers

by juniper...

do fha lenders accept credit score as low as 580?

i'm likely above that now but i doubt i'm above 600. excellent income and little debt, however. ran into trouble last year with my ex using my credit cards and it's a slow climb back ever since.

Bluffton, IN - Jun 11th 2014
2 answers

by dannygo...

Is there an income cap for down payment assistance?

I'm in Oregon and make $55K per year but would still like to know available down payment assist programs if they exist here. I have fair credit in the 700-710 range.

Hillsboro, OR - Jun 10th 2014
2 answers

by j923mar...

by rosemw....


My ex was supposed to take over the 120,000 first mortgage and 25,000 second back in 2009. The judge gave him 1 year to get things together. April 2013 ex decided to not make any more pmts. I wasn't notified until August 2013 by Wells Fargo. They have hounded me every day...

Winston Salem, NC - Jun 9th 2014
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by kyreese...

how do i find out if i'm buying in a usda eligible area?

how far outside of baltimore would i have to buy a house to qualify me for usda, for example? i'd like to know a pretty specific radius if possible.

Clinton, MD - Jun 9th 2014
3 answers

by charles...

mortgage help

my wife is a Nurse she makes $1000 per week, i am not working full time but am looking for work, we are lease purchasing a house valued at $116000 and we owe $105000. we have Bad credit but would like to buy the house with a conventional mortgage coz right now we are paying...

Concord, NC - Jun 9th 2014
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by brazili...

My email is, not brazilian62616 is wrong...i send...

Hi, my email is it, not brazilian62616 is wrong email... I send 9 day ago, I said "OFF MARKET" NOT FOR SELL, Thank you and you haave a most beautiful days... :)

Brandon, FL - Jun 8th 2014
This question has not yet been answered.

by jonrizz...

Do conventional loans have a minimum salary requirement

i want a conventional loan to avoid mi this time around and my salary is 60k per year. Homes have been $150-200,000. Would my income qualify me

Newport News, VA - Jun 6th 2014
4 answers

by sandrar...

can i make a loan to keep out of forcloser, do repairs then sell and pay...

My parents passed, deeded the house to me, it is financed in their name, my credit is bad,, I am now behind quite a few months, the house defiantly has 20 to 30 k equity, it needs minor repairs that my husband can do if we had the money formaterials. we want to sell and move...

MO - Jun 6th 2014
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by bellowe...

can i buy a home with a va loan and then convert to investment property ...

will i need to let the lender know or is this allowed? i want to begin renting the home within a year and then purchase another. could i do the second mortgage through va as well? tjhank you

Chicopee, MA - Jun 5th 2014
7 answers

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