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by mrsvicq...

owners of house offer to sell at 65000 if i go through them 700 a month ...

i have bad credit the house i am renting the owners want to sell to me at 700 a month for 10 years making the price 84000 3 bedroom 1.5 bath about 500 sq feet is this a good deal

Emporia, VA - Jul 15th 2014
2 answers

by ianwint...

getting a homepath mortgage - do i qualify

looking into fannie reos for budget reasons. i have a 682 fico and make $53k per year

Erskine, MN - Jul 15th 2014
6 answers


do fha 203k only require 3.5% down too?

and how much financing could i get for the building project. would i need to provide plans from the contractor or..?

Santa Cruz, CA - Jul 14th 2014
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by konawel...

Are piggyback loans still around?

Want to pick up a second property and get rid of PMI. My credit is 746

Pittsburgh, PA - Jul 11th 2014
5 answers

by noahkno...

Is it posible to refi within 12 months of buying?

Plan on getting an FHA for less down but then want to eliminate mortgage insurance.

High Bridge, NJ - Jul 10th 2014
4 answers

by dsgloba...

RM- 2.5

Hello, can a property be used as a non owner occupied beach rental? Im talking about 247 rio del mar blvd in aptos ca. i am a realtor?

CA - Jul 9th 2014
3 answers

by joeknow...

Are any lenders approvig fico scores of 690 for conventional loans?

my down payment is sufficient for sure. worried about credit. please also let me know of anyone who offers some form of credit repair as well as conventional loans

Montgomeryville, PA - Jul 9th 2014
4 answers

by guerill...

by gpritch...

Can I get a better rate on a foreclosed property versus anything else

Like what about the rates for something like Homepath? Would i be getting a lower rate for Homepath or foreclosed properties than for homes that are not distressed

Baldwin, NY - Jul 7th 2014
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by tinacar...

Are there asset limits for USDA mortgages?

I have some investment property in Nevada but my income still qualifies me for USDA. Would my assets interfere at all?

Clarksville, MO - Jul 2nd 2014
1 answers

by 1truegr...

is age a factor when buying a home?

Was wondering if someone at age 66 could buy a home with a credit score of 540 but is on social security and gets like $1700.00/mo and also a pension monthly of $852/mo and has one credit card bill with $500.00 balance only. Her credit is ruined due to medical bills which...

AZ - Jul 1st 2014
2 answers

by 1truegr...

what's my best deal in buying a home when my credit score is at 577 due ...

2 years ago we had like 799 score and after a divorce in Nov 2013 I now have like 577? Could I even buy a home today?

AZ - Jul 1st 2014
3 answers

by fpryce7...

Loans for teachers in new jersey

Are there any down payment assistance programs for teachers in NJ? I work at a high school and finished my masters a while back and my husband and I have been struggling to hold on to a significant savings ever since. Not big enough for 5% down. Would love to hear some...

Cranford, NJ - Jul 1st 2014
2 answers

by lisawel...

are 40 year mortgages available?

if they are what are their interest rates like compared to a 30 yr fixed. thank you

North East, MD - Jun 30th 2014
1 answers

by tawdrey...

Would I be able to get a 2 unit home, 30 yr fixed NOT FHA?

I only have 3% or so to put down and do not want to go FHA. I don't know if I cud just get down payment asst or other options?

Frankfort, KY - Jun 27th 2014
3 answers

by raylene...

correct info @ 4032 S. Channel RD Sanger, CA 93657

the data you have listed for our home is incorrect. we have a 4bed 3bath. 1 of the bedrooms plus 1 bathroom is handicap compatible. SQ 2200

CA - Jun 26th 2014
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by melody....

possibility of buying land?

i want to buy land and want to know if i can do it through something like fha for a lower down payment. my credit is ok around 700 and depending on the area it looks like i could have as much as 5% to put down.

Darlington, SC - Jun 26th 2014
2 answers

by leswild...

by tedlell...


Relocation program through fannie mae?

I'd like to know if any conventional mortgage programs have something like relocation assistance. I don't particularly care to pursue anything through FHa since I seem qualified to avoid MI with fannie

Ingalls, MI - Jun 24th 2014
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