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by jenwait...

best loan type for retired teacher with small pension and big savings?

I have a decent savings accoutn but no other income aside from retirement income and some cash I receive from babysitting, which does not amount to much. my savings comes from my husband's life insurance so I'm confident I can afford a mortgage but cannot pay cash for...

Delano, MN - Aug 27th 2014
4 answers

by saundra...

are interest rates on manufactered home differant than for single family?

manufactered home mortgage rates versus single family home. 740 credit.

East Brookfield, MA - Aug 26th 2014
4 answers

by n.moshe...

can my daughter be added to the mortgage? she is 16

she does not have any credit history, we do not want to use her to qualify but want to make sure if anything happens to us the house goes to her. my husband has a son from another marriage who is currently taking us to court. thank you.

Paluxy, TX - Aug 25th 2014
1 answers


Im in process of trying to buy a home from a owner without realtor, is i...

Can I cheat myself of certain rules and regulation that it's in my favorite or the owner

FL - Aug 24th 2014
3 answers

by sealyca...

Home repairs before appraisal?

We have some work that needs to be done to the house - peeling paint is biggest problem. Should we fix up the exterior before even thinking about an appraisal? I didn't think paint would be a big deal but what do I know

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Aug 22nd 2014
1 answers

by bewnew8...

Can Homepath be used for second property?

Been considering getting a home in Texas in case that changes anything. Main home in Florida

Miramar Beach, FL - Aug 21st 2014
1 answers

by shiulis...

qualifying as my own boss

selling my current home but when i baught it in 2006 I was working for someone and have since started my own business. it's been doing fine for the past two and half yrs except getting a new mortgage is somewhat difficult. is there any special programs for self employed

Dearborn Heights, MI - Aug 20th 2014
2 answers

by mgarfie...

what to purchase 2nd townhouse(MD) where i work in DCmy love to keep my ...

Mortgage balance 1ST $85,000 /Townhouse to purchase $171,161

Harrisburg, PA - Aug 19th 2014
1 answers

by jessaar...

qualify for fha 203k with 5% down?

i'd like to know the max financing i can get with 5% down including a project i estimate at 15k

Oregon City, OR - Aug 19th 2014
1 answers

by gheet.i...

What credit score is needed for a fha loan?

I have 675. Can this get me fha or is there a different program? I have not been able to get throuh with my bank

Andrews, TX - Aug 18th 2014
3 answers

by jack78_...

should we include my wife if her credit is lowe?

her credit isnt BAD its 703 but mine is 728. We want the lowest rate possible so I don't know if lenders averege those numbers and it will raise up our rate. Can we include her or is it going to make our mortgage payments far more expensive than if we just qualified using my...

Washoe Valley, NV - Aug 15th 2014
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by k1garth...

loans with no need for escrow

for my last mortgage I needed escrow account. long story, complete disaster and a lot of miscommunication and I believe money lost on my end. is anyone offering mortgages where escrow NOT required?

Stow, OH - Aug 13th 2014
3 answers

by amlawar...

Getting a second opinion on an appraisal?

I feel like the appraiser through the bank is completely undershooting my house and theyre not budging on a second. Is it appropriate to just contact a different lender and see what their guy has to say? This is has been a headache and I'd really like to get going with a...

Memphis, IN - Aug 12th 2014
1 answers

by komora_...

Manual or automated underwriting make a big difference?

My brother was denied by automated but another lender did manual and he went through. I'm concerned about being disqualified for conventional mortgage based on my 679 credit score, which requires some explaining. Is there a way to avoid automated underwriting or...

New York, NY - Aug 11th 2014
3 answers

by alanawi...

now a good time to lock or foresee rates dropping soon?

i do not follow the markets well although i try. do you think mortgage rates will go down more

Gold Hill, OR - Aug 7th 2014
4 answers

by Hmrobin...

by coldpre...

Buying short sale property what are the requirements

Are short sale requirements any more lenient then any pother house? I have 670 credit. Please let me know those programs that can help me purchase a short sale

Floyd, NM - Aug 6th 2014
3 answers

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