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by jonahch...

is there an inspection for fannie loans like with fha?

looking at older properties so concermed about guidelines

Durango, CO - Oct 1st 2014
5 answers

by lfriam8...

any programs accept assets for mortgage aside from jumbo loans?

I don't have much to put down but I do have some assets I plan to cash out just not enough time to do both that and buy in coming months.

Burlingham, NY - Sep 30th 2014
2 answers

by jeff78k...

Whats the difference homepath vs homestyle?

Aren't they both through fannie mae? Does this mean I'm going to need 5% down either way??

Johnson City, TN - Sep 29th 2014
3 answers

by frederi...

buying a house before selling

having a tough time getting my house sold for sale by owner. possible to get new mortgage beforehand and use unsold house as collateral?

Bandera, TX - Sep 26th 2014
1 answers

by jerod.k...

are there max loan amounts for construction mortgages?

construction to permandent mortgage limits, max loan size i can do for construction

Carson City, NV - Sep 25th 2014
1 answers

by ianw20b...

cannot be on mortgage because of credit - can i gift my wife funds for d...

money is not in joint account

Shreveport, LA - Sep 24th 2014
5 answers

by justina...

by halieah...

Lowest down payment for self employed mortgage?

Own my own business - can't do 20% down. Have FHA mortgage now but I was working for someone else when I bought years ago. Thanks for any and all input with this.

Honolulu, HI - Sep 22nd 2014
2 answers

by jfranci...

Will fHA 203k fund house project for adding new bathroom?

NOT just redo exisitng bath I'd like a whole other one added to the home. Not sure what this could cost - nothing fancy but affordable homes we've seen are in the 2 bed/ 1 ba range. It would be a half bath we would add so toilet/sink only. Husband and my credit both above 700

Medina, WA - Sep 19th 2014
1 answers

by james4h...

Should I include wife on mortgage please advise

Got married 2 years ago. She is not on the current mortgage but we are movnig to a new area and we want her on the new one. However, her credit is 687 we just found out. Is this going to limit our options? I wanted to go conventional

Hoboken, NJ - Sep 15th 2014
5 answers

by juana.d...

by glionel...

can i get prequalified for usda before i sell?

reading on that i cannot have home as second property

Warren, RI - Sep 11th 2014
2 answers

by hill_ky...

I think my neighbors are encroashing? how will effect an appraisal

My property does not have walls and neighbors are some distance away but recenlt decided they wanted a fence - i think it is totally coming in on my property! i almost didn't care but now i am trying to sell. do i need to address this now?

Cainsville, MO - Sep 9th 2014
2 answers

by shinsfo...

switched jobs - going to matter for loan?

Recently I was hired at a new company and will probably be making a LITTLE less ovrall as now I'm in a position with no opportunity for commission, but my pay is much higher than my old base income and will be more steady. only problem is I have about 2 months logged on the...

Slinger, WI - Sep 8th 2014
7 answers

by fharadg...

Will owning previously affect new interest rate at all?

Will my mortgage rate be lower since I have already owned a home or is there any reward for no late payments etcetra

Tonopah, NV - Sep 5th 2014
3 answers

by jhallsn...

Can i build a home ith a va mortgage?

Looking to contract a $300k project, have 1/3 of the funds for it between me and some family. I'd like to get the rest financed using wife's VA benefits. Is this possible? Especially with the amount we have to put down

Laguna, NM - Sep 3rd 2014
4 answers

by alexdaw...

Possibilties for 203k loan for building a balcony?

i'm confident i'd qualify for the loan itself but wat about getting a balcony built? Is this allowed by FHA on a 203k project?

Branson, MO - Aug 28th 2014
1 answers

by daughte...

who owns property for 4962 florida st detroi

Columbia City, IN - Aug 27th 2014
1 answers

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