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by jayalle...

Do i have any chance of qualifying for a conventional loan with 671 fico?

I do have the minimum down payment of 5%. I will be relocating as well, but remaining in WA. I don't know if that could be an issue aside from extra moving costs for mileage

Lacey, WA - Jan 5th 2015
4 answers

by lynnwel...

by seanjus...

refinances that do not require appraisal

hoping theres a way to refi without needing to go through this? i have a VA mortgage

Leesburg, VA - Dec 8th 2014
6 answers

by nrefn_s...

What constitutes "owner occupied?" for home loan through VA

I am plannig to buy a property that will be used by me and my husband only one month out of the year, but we won't be renting it out and my daughter will be living there year-round since it will be near her graduate program. does this not count as owner occupied or can we do it...

Conklin, NY - Dec 1st 2014
3 answers

by saundra...

Whats the max I can borrow on a loan with no PMI?

this would be in the little rock area. I currently own, the home is with FHA

Little Rock, AR - Nov 25th 2014
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by gerardf...

will down payment effect pmi rate

worried about paying fha pmi. if i put more down will i at least get a lower rate

Riverdale, MD - Oct 29th 2014
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by sarasto...

Cost of construction to permanent versus homestyle

I don't know homestyle restrictions so correct me if i'm wrong but i CAN add an extra room I've been told. Looking to either build or add on to existing 3 bedroom. Extra room would be 600 sqft including 1 full bath. is either fiancing route more cost effective?

New Britain, CT - Oct 28th 2014
2 answers

by jwinnic...

home Loan programs for teachers in Tx?

i've recently earned my credential and started work as a teacher. My husband and i are moving and want to know if my new work can get us any sort of aid or down payment assistance - or just any loan programs aimed at teachers. We've seen similar programs in calif but is...

Addison, TX - Oct 27th 2014
This question has not yet been answered.

by noralco...

Funding for home with two buildings on site

I've found a neighborhood that has some older homes for sale with what l suppose would be considered guest residences in the back (or bonus rooms/"man cave"). Do I need to finance on a property-by-property basis or am I going to just need to worry about anything on the...

Fullerton, CA - Oct 17th 2014
3 answers

by breyer_...

Is there an inspection/criteria checklist for Fannie homes?

Want Fannie Mae home what are the requirements for the poroperty

Dryden, MI - Oct 16th 2014
1 answers

by heisenb...

by spurs56...

by baronau...

requiirements for getting 0 down usda?

my credit is ok around 695. i know there is also an income requirement but i couldnt figure it out for idaho on the site. i make 52k anual and live on my own so no other income for house.

Nezperce, ID - Oct 10th 2014
4 answers

by alin89s...

Hi can I cosign a new loan for my daughter with a bankruptcy in last 5 y...

My situation has improved drastically and I've been in steady work and consistent payment since Feb 2011. Daughter is going through a divorce and believe it or not my credit is far stronger.

Bertrand, MO - Oct 9th 2014
2 answers

by 12codyk...

whats best corse of action for gettig my ex off the mortgage

is selling the house or refi the only route? to be honest id like to hold on to the house. i have also found online about quitclaim but not sure if that gets messy. she has not contributed to the mortgage ever, but we used her income to help qualify for better rate. divorce is...

Akron, NY - Oct 8th 2014
5 answers

by kacey_w...

Loan limits for usda? What's the maximum amount please?

hoping I can go as high as $300k

Crown, PA - Oct 7th 2014
3 answers

by andrews...

can we apply for a mortgage completely online?

Went through private lender only licensed in VA for our first mortgage but now we're moving to Maryland. It would be helpful to get everything done online. We are making 2 short trips up to MD to check out homes but we won't have alot of time to go speak with a lender int hat...

Dewitt, VA - Oct 6th 2014
6 answers

by shawnse...

Going through mortgage broker how does it work

Last loan was through Chase and kind of difficult process. Realtor friend recommended I use broker next time but I'd like information about what that means exactly.

Philadelphia, PA - Oct 3rd 2014
4 answers

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