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by preston...

can i combine a heloc with a conventional mortgage?

is it true this can be done to make monthly payments smaller. i have great credit of around 770, although i havent really checked for a month.

Commerce City, CO - Apr 29th 2014
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by lindove...

Down payment and closing cost help

Can I include down payment and closing cost into mortgage so I do not have to pay upfront?

Beech Grove, IN - Apr 28th 2014
5 answers

by giwajsj987

what price should we ask for the average square foot price/value

Orleans Square 1913 E. 17th Street Santa Ana, CA 92707 Suit #207 & #207

Amherst, OH - Apr 26th 2014
2 answers

by preelia...

General home price estimate

What is the average price of a 3bd/2ba 1800sqft house in Washoe Valley going for right now? I know you'd need to know more about my house but I'm thinking really roughly ballpark

Washoe Valley, NV - Apr 25th 2014
4 answers

by reesey1...

Are there conventional loans available for 3% down?

Maybe with really good credit or low DTI?

Gastonia, NC - Apr 24th 2014
8 answers

by holynat...

by wendell...

I'd like to close 2 credit cards but scared it's going to impact my score

They're high interest - I've already paid them down - I just want them gone. But I'm also wanting to qualify so i don't know what to do. Will closing two cards be bad? I have 3 other healthy lines of credit open and have been paying a mortgage on time for 8 years now.

Everett, WA - Apr 23rd 2014
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by sgcrave...

have foreclosure can i get financed for mortgage

have foreclosure 3 yrs ago. back on our feet and make good money. want to buy the home we are currently renting. the owner wants to sell to us. how do we go about getting financing and not paying thru the roof interest. have only debt of a vehicle that's 500 a month and no credit...

Refugio, TX - Apr 22nd 2014
6 answers

by briantd...

by andie.w...

Adding on a second floor - good idea/best loan type?

We want a second story and were quoted 75k for the plans. The house would have an extra 600 sqft added for a total of 3200 sqft. If we ever sell the house we would have to recoup what we owe. So I'm wondering good investment? I'm thinking yes but no expert. Also since it was a VA...

Castle Rock, CO - Apr 22nd 2014
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by presha....

by sailing...

by keenan....

How are bonuses/overtime factored into my income?

I have recently been promoted and am grateful that the position comes with bonuses, however aside from those my "base salary" has not changed much. I was hoping to get qualified for a higher cost home but have heard that bonuses are not counted by lenders if I cannot...

Rutland, VT - Apr 21st 2014
8 answers

by sjdirks179

Why is your appraisal data so hopelessly out of date?

Check out publicly available square footage data on 470 Ruthven Avenue and 545 Ruthven Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

CA - Apr 20th 2014
2 answers

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