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by ayleeha...

I am looking for an acquisition & commercial buiding loan 95%LTV

I am looking for a commercial loan to acquire and build a commercial building in Hollywood Beach, FL. Does anyone have a 95% LTV program?

Opa Locka, FL - Jun 6th 2016
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by crazyfl...

Is it possible to buy a larger property to have multiple family homes?

I would like to have a larger property to build a few family homes on, is this possible? What Zoning? What kind of loan?

Donald, OR - May 10th 2016
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by aherber...

LLC Borrowing

Have an LLC that owns outright 6 properties in Syracuse - multi family 30 apartments.The manager of the LLC is Australian.Can the LLC borrow against the properties - all owned outright no mortgages.

30 - Apr 24th 2016
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by mslissa...

Anyone know of bridge loans or similar options available in South Carolina?

We are looking at a $437,000 purchase price for a land/home combo and the builder requires a construction loan. We wanted to try to sell our current home while the new one is being built, in hopes to avoid moving twice and uprooting our family.

Spartanburg, SC - Feb 19th 2016
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by adelacr...

How do I know if someone is eligible for obamas refi program?

Desoto, TX - Feb 9th 2016
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by dianema...

by mslissa...

I am looking for a Jumbo construction loan, around $545,000 with a 95% L...

We are looking at about $500,000 for the house and land combined. The builder currently owns the land already. However, if we can, we would like to buy the adjacent lot also and combine it with the other lot. So, we are looking at $545,000 total for all options, with 5%...

Spartanburg, SC - Nov 24th 2015
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by mygrand...

How do I get my credit report? Is it free? Do I get all 3? Is there some...

I have tried to get my credit straightened out for some time now and I evenused Lexington Law, But unfortunately all they did was take my 'Money'!

Des Moines, IA - Sep 23rd 2015
2 answers

by mygrand...

1st time homebuyer

I am trying to build my credit, I would be a 1st time home buyer, I have went through the LexingtonLaw, trying to restore my Credit, But all they did was take my Money!I am doing everything I need to get into my own home!

Des Moines, IA - Sep 23rd 2015
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by rfsterr...

what a code enforcement does and how can you profect

I need to know how to make money off it

Baltimore, MD - May 5th 2015
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by airbagr...

by bmw9072794

by joacham...

how long after selling my home do i need to vacate?

i plan to get preapproved but i'm relocating so i dont expect to find a new home ASAP

Ecorse, MI - Mar 2nd 2015
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by k.laird...

My options with 660 credit?

I have gone through a divorce, my credit has fallen substantioally, but my finances are generally finally stable. Selling my home now with my ex but I will want to buy again soon. What mortgage program accepts ficos of 660?

Edison, NJ - Feb 18th 2015
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by kjackie...

by rolandf...

What are rates like on 15 versus 30 year FHA mortgage?

I'm looking to move to Hartford but it will likely be for 8 years tops. Could I get lower rates going with the 15 year option? Or will that have ramifications, i.e. larger down payment needed

Versailles, CT - Feb 3rd 2015
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by harron9...

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